Judicial proceedings and out-of-court dispute resolution, arbitration

We offer our Clients consultancy services and assistance before referring a case to court (assessment of the chances and profitability of taking legal action, indication of alternative methods of dispute resolution, negotiations, settlements) as well as comprehensive legal services throughout the proceedings – also at the stage of security and enforcement procedures.

We handle a number of cases in the area of ​​liability for damages, claims, protection of personal rights, family law, inheritance, property law, settlements in commercial transactions, as well as cases concerning the recognition and enforcement of foreign courts’ decisions. We advise our clients in arbitration, mediation and appearing before permanent arbitration courts (including the Arbitration Court at the Polish Chamber of Commerce).

Postępowania sądowe

We conduct consultations concerning the conclusion of commercial contracts, negotiate the wording of clauses that help Clients avoid disputes with contractors in the future.

We have acquired unique specialisation in family matters through active participation in mediations between the parties, in conversations with clients, always oriented at reaching an agreement – which often had a successful conclusion and which we undertake by virtue of the children’s well-being and saving marriages which show a chance to be saved.

Our principle is to use every opportunity to reach an agreement, for which we make every effort and spend time – which has been appreciated many times by our Clients.

Many times we have defended the rights of journalists and media employees on the basis of broadly understood media law – with simultaneous consideration of the rights and interests of people affected by press materials. Our portfolio consists of favourable settlements and amicable resolutions of serious disputes.

We also deal with matters relating to the protection of personal rights, taking advantage of current European jurisprudence, and often achieve, also due to this practice, spectacular settlements.

In criminal matters, we take utmost care to provide our Clients with all of their procedural rights, we cooperate with families thoroughly investigating the home and life situation of the accused and suspects.

For many years, we have referred to constitutional norms and principles in our appearances and have extensively used the jurisprudence of the Constitutional Tribunal and the European Court of Human Rights.

Professionalism, kindness and full commitment to the Client’s case is our motto.